carrot pasta salad

This is insanely delicious! Cut the tops off the carrots (wash and reserve some green tops for dressing) and scrub or peel. For example, the veggie blend rotini is ready in about 8 minutes while the farfalle takes a full 12 minutes. I love sunflower seeds, but never thought to put them in a pasta salsa! I love the colourful photo of the different carrots. Simple to make. I used a mix of sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Great photos and layout of the recipe too. My husband doesn't like black olives OR tomatoes, so over the years my cold pasta salad recipes have definitely evolved. Winter Carrot & Beetroot Salad This winter salad is packed with fresh carrot, beetroot and cabbage in a zesty orange and cayenne dressing. Thank you for your amazing recipes! In short, I’m into the edible landscape, the third plate, whatever you want to call it. Stir and stir until there aren't any secret pockets of dressing or mayo. Add parsley and onion to pasta and stir until seasonings are evenly distributed. I’m making this today…I have a whole pkg of sunflower seeds that I would never have thought to turn into a dressing. Thanks for sharing. Once the water is boiling add the rotini pasta, stir, and cook until al dente, 8 to 10 minutes. The dressing as it stands is delicious. I was working part-time at a popular bakery chain, and their cold pasta salads were to die for (they still are). Hubby says thanks! This carrot salad is most often … I used a whole wheat fusilli pasta in this like you recommend in your 2010 recipe for zucchini pasta salad. I still think fresh dill (biased because it is growing in my garden now) might be tasty. Dice cheese into small cubes. I’ll use grape seed oil to roast the carrots the next time I make this; the olive oil smoked like crazy and my smoke detector kept going off. This was delicious! Wash and prepare vegetables. Toss the fusilli pasta salad well. I've never thought to add some of the ingredients you mention here. I agree that it's better without olives. Great texture and delicious. I knew exactly who you were talking about before I even Googled. Your email address will not be published. This is dinner guest worthy – thank you! I roast so many veggies and make such a huge amount that my husband and I call it “all day pasta salad” as it takes a while to do so many trays of veggies. However by the next day the pasta was pretty dried out. When researching this, I basically made a list of pasta salad approaches I hadn’t gotten to yet and that was one. Heather (author) from Arizona on January 17, 2014: @Glimmer Twin Fan-- Thanks for the visit and kind comments. Place the pasta sheets on a floured work surface to dry for 10 minutes. But I can say that I’m always surprised by the amount of protein in non-meat items when I look at labels: yogurts and even pastas and more. Yummy. Queso fresco, or "fresh sheese" in Spanish, is one of my favorite kinds of cheese. My neighbors apologize if they apply pesticide to their lawns because then I won’t eat the dandelions. I think 2018 might have to be the Summer of Pasta Salad Strikes Back. I sliced my carrots lengthwise to the thinness I wanted and roasted them (I even paired them up with another dish in the oven and roasted them first at 350, then at 450 when the other dish left the oven). That looks like my kind of vegetarian lunch! Thank you for sharing. After chilling for 3 or more hours, the minced onion will come back to life and look like freshly cut onions thanks to all of the wet ingredients in this dish. I made it with the intent of having it for lunch the next day, but it barely lasted the hour. I got multi-colored organic carrots from Meat Farms that still had their tops. Can’t wait to make it again. Author didn’t fully research the topic…. I ran short of carrots, so added some LO roasted asparagus. Carrot tops are NOT poisonous, contrary to the NYT article that has started the rumor. Thanks again :), @Geniusknight-- Thanks for stopping by and commenting today. I think this recipe will become a regular at our house, especially on busy weeknights. rebekahELLE from Tampa Bay on January 17, 2014: Another addition to my recipe file from Heather Says. I was able to pull it together in about 45 minutes for friends and everyone loved it :) I did use gluten-free rotini (TJ’s brown rice) and basil instead of normal greens, since that’s what I had on hand, but I will definitely be making this again with other greens! Seems more efficient to cut them the appropriate size in the first place? Thanks for a great low dairy summer dish! I made this last night and it is FANTASTIC – a new summer favorite! Amazingly and deliciously presented makes me eat the whole hub. The sunflower seed pesto is such a revelation and makes me question what it is I love about pesto (does it really not need basil… or anything green?). Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on January 27, 2014: O, my, this looks so yummy. that was supposed to go with lauren’s comment. The nostalgia spot?) Add the carrots and cucumbers, stirring well. I added 2 tablespoons of water to loosen the dressing a little, as recommended. Just combine the ingredients for the dressing and set aside while you combine grated … I love adding cucumbers to tons of recipes or just snacking on slices. This was delicious! Cut the pasta … Then I just chopped them into 1″ lengths when they were cool. Nice article. I followed the recipe as written, but as many others have said, i think it needed more liquid- more lemon juice, more olive oil, or something. Sounds yummy! We made this for saturday lunch and really enjoyed it. It kept perfectly for 4-5 days in the fridge and I’d recommend it to anyone! I put some parsley in with the carrot greens. Looks so nice and healthy just what I was chasing for a diner party next weekend. Since the vegetables and cheese (especially) are a little more fragile, add those later since they don't require a lot of mixing. Wow! I like to use a stainless steel bowl with a cover because the bowl gets very cold in the refrigerator (and it won't hang on to any lingering oil residues). Pipette pasta with kale pesto, farfalle with summer sausage, tomatoes, and a mustardy dressing, campanelle with an obscene amount of feta, oregano, and pine nuts, and of course plain mac salad purchased from the deli at our grocery store for when it was too hot to cook/breathe/think. Look, I don’t know anything about dating or making fashion choices by algorithm, but I think the results of this new-recipe-by-polling were exceptional. Did you have a favorite? And that’s it, you just wrapped up lunch, or dinner, or picnic/potluck/whatever else the end of the school year requires of you fairly quickly and with a dish that is meant to be room temperature, perfect for people whose meals usually are anyway by the time we get to them, and who dream of leftovers for lunch the next day that don’t require a trip to the sketchy breakroom microwave. This was awesome although I changed so many things that it was barely recognizable… but for someone who wants to make this kind of, I thought I would share what I did. Sometimes my salad may need a little more Italian dressing or a little more Miracle Whip after chilling. I give it 5 billion stars. Writing this as a stuff my face- this is amazing! Kudos on a unique new flavor combo, Deb! juice, salad, fresh basil, peas, extra virgin olive oil, carrot and 18 more Asian Pasta Salad bestfoods shredded carrots, chopped fresh cilantro, gluten free soy sauce and 6 more SUPER tasty and very easy to put together! Place lid on bowl and refrigerate for approximately 3 hours before serving. I'm always looking for ways to use queso fresco because we have a lot left over after tacos are served. I made this with no changes (rare for me) and it was gobbled up. My 6yo loves sunflower seeds but I never thought to grind them up a little to make a dressing like this – thanks so much for the inspiration! Subtle, summery, light. Thanks for a great, adaptable recipe! You want this to be more aggressively seasoned than seems necessary; it has a lot of pasta and vegetables to wake up. Thanks! I have the same question since we have Sunbutter in the house for our preschooler who attends a nut-free daycare. If so, how would I do this before I use them in this salad? The nuttiness of the seeds, the bit of the garlic, the hint of lemon, and sweetness of the carrots are just delicious! I used kale instead of carrot tops because that’s what I had in the fridge. This is clearly the first of many times I will be making this salad this summer. Otherwise, one of your pastas may get OVERcooked. The last pasta salad I made I added some black eyed peas with corn for a change and it was good. Loved the toasty sunflower seed dressing. The ingredients are easy to come by and always in my kitchen. This is fabulous as it is, but I like it even better with half roasted carrots, half roasted beets. I read the comments about using carrot tops and now I know they are OK to eat that is great. This recipe is such a staple in my home and has been a lifesaver time and time again. Kinda has a pesto vibe. :) I am loving it. Taste test a spoonful before serving. The spinach and zucchini rotini pasta does not have a Barilla pasta number on the box like the others do, but the box is easy to spot as long as your grocery store carries it. If they’re raw, toast them in the oven for 7 to 9 minutes at 350 degrees before using. We’ve made it several times now. Long after I graduated college and no longer worked at the bakery, I would crave cold Italian pasta salad. My friend made this for a MDW dinner and it was- at the risk of being over-the-top- transcendent. Thanks Deb. Is there a reason why you leave the carrots large to roast and then cut them smaller after they come out of the oven? While on the topic of toxic food… This pasta dish needs at least 3 hours to fully chill, but longer if possible. SO GOOD. Looks yummy and it certainly is time to move away from baked pasta to pasta salads! Nope, one of local chers uses them to make pesto. Pumpkin seeds were the bomb in this – I’m not allergic to sunflower seeds, just didn’t have any on hand. This was fantastic–and much more than the sum of its parts. You could make a carrot top pesto that would also be wonderful over the roasted carrots. Trying to get pregnant, I've been looking for new creative ways to eat my fruits and veggies. But this is the first year I did it by public polling, and by public I mean, my husband keeps reminding me how much he likes roasted carrots, Sara, who helps out behind the scenes here, reminded me how much she likes the roasted carrots at the Dig Inn chain, and many of you have told me over the years about nut allergies and nut-free schools and workplaces, which means it’s high time to give sunflower seeds their time in the spotlight. Sort of like a sturdier parsley. The recipe still looks great! Using a glass or metal bowl for this dish is a good idea because plastic containers can retain oils (like those in the salad dressing), making them useless for preparing other dishes (such as whipping creams and meringues). I did have some extra dressing, which I am currently eating with some fresh mozzarella/tomato. Thanks for your reply Deb! I wish I had read your comment about the farro before I cooked the pasta. I'm glad you enjoyed this Hub :), @purl3agony-- Thanks for the visit and comment. Delicious!!! (Skip to step two while waiting for water to boil and also while waiting for pasta to cook.) Lots of texture and amazing flavors too ...who could ask for more ?? Highly recommend! Add the vinegar, paprika, coriander powder, and cayenne. LOL.. I’ve been using those boring ready to use dressings all my life. Fun fact: rhubarb green are actually poisonous. Sounds and looks amazing. I really like your twist of the queso fresco. Make dressing: In a food processor or strong blender, place sunflower seeds, greens, parmesan (if using), garlic, lemon zest, salt, pepper flakes, and black pepper in work bowl and pulse until chopped small but not finely ground. Heather (author) from Arizona on January 19, 2014: @MsDora-- I love raw carrots in just about any dish. thefedorows from the Midwest on April 08, 2014: Your pictures are beautiful! Only boil together for the full time if both pastas require the same boil times. I got some garlic scapes at the farmer’s market recently and didn’t know to do with them so I sauteed them and tossed them in this pasta salad and it is so so good (eating it right now)! They would love it… I think you have given me my first summer plans. Easy to make, but with a complex and unique flavor that led me to have to pry it out of my husband’s hands so that there would be enough for our guests. It’s so great to have a pasta salad that has REAL flavor without adding a boatload of cheese (though I do add the parm option) and that’s just as doable in the dead of winter as high summer. This one’s full of … Thanks for this recipe! The raw carrots is the redeeming item for me. If so, …do you use high or medium heat? It’s perfection, although lately I’ve taken to flipping the ratios to make it more of a vegetable salad with orzo. And a parsley/dill combo for the carrot greens, because my farmers markets aren’t open yet and I already have a giant bag of regular carrots in the fridge. Hi, By this do you mean you use a cast-iron skillet without oil or butter? Thanks for another good one. I added in some roasted kale and it gave the salad a crispy/charred texture. Soak in ice water until the ribbons firm up and curl, about 15 minutes. I hope you can give this recipe a try. Loved the Harrington piece. Christy Kirwan from San Francisco on January 20, 2014: Another winner, Heather! This was great Deb. Heather (author) from Arizona on February 09, 2014: @VVanNess-- Thanks for the great comment! Doubled for a crowd and used juice of 2 whole lemons, also kale as the green. Another nut (almonds, pistachios, etc.) But carrot greens? You might want to check out the comment guidelines before chiming in. I loved it. There are a lot of nutritionists — I’m definitely not — and doctors who can explain how vegetarians are able to get sufficient protein and balanced diets, so I don’t want to step in there. I made it again this afternoon for a quick lunch and to pack for tomorrow’s lunch. I think it might have been the olives that turned me off. While traditional recipes call for oil and vinegar, this is a quick and easy way to get the same effect and flavor while adding other flavors as well. I like to use whatever pasta I have on hand. Thoughts on using arugala in place of the kale? This carrot salad was inspired by spring and Easter dinner. It's true that adding the ingredients in the order listed in any given recipe's instructions can make or break a dish. I'm especially impressed with your cover image. I am growing tired of meat (almost 80 now…ugh), and am interested in whether one gets enough protein in a vegetarian diet. Yum. I subbed basil for the carrot tops/kale to give it a bit more flavor. Assemble: Halve thinner carrots and quarter thicker carrots lengthwise, and then cut into 1 to 1.5″ segments, or whatever the length of the past you’re using is. I'm glad you stopped by and enjoyed this Hub! I think this shows how adaptable the recipe is… she took the blueprint and made changes and it was still great! Have fun coming up with your own recipes and starting your own comfort food traditions. To ensure the spices are evenly distributed throughout the entire pasta, add those second and stir well.

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