hoi4 spain garrison influence

Suppression requirement is the main factor that controls how much garrison is needed. 2- AI Nationalist Spain starts the war with more provinces (Soutwest provinces to be exact) whereas I only get northern provinces. Basically didn't do anything aside from ordering entire army to garrison Madrid area. Just don't rely on battle plan to move your units, as soon as it kicks off dash for undefended territory to cut off and encircle. -Conquer as normal. These articles examine the benefits and drawbacks… 3- AI Nationalist Spain wins the war earlier. Get awesome rewards! A Spainish declaration of war on the Allies in 1939 makes no sense. I know you can manually influence garrisons but I managed to influence only Sevilla last time because enemy Spain reverts your influence. The exception to this is when a faction is created. A puppet is a country that is de jure independent but is more or less controlled by another, often stronger nation, through an installed government that is loyal to the controlling nation.. A secondary factor that controls how much garrison is needed is the occupation law. The new garrison system is handled off map - you will have a default "global" selection but can swap the garrison per-state (not sure why you would do this, other than maybe focusing armored garrisons on trouble spots). It will then make however many divisions per state it needs including fractional divisions if it works. When a country is puppeted, its government is replaced by one installed by the puppet master, matching the puppet master's ideology. Did it just now, seems pretty simple v0v, didn't disband armies or queue up recruits. All members of a faction will join defensive wars together and may also invite other faction members to join offensive wars along with the aggressor. Different occupation laws will have modifications to suppression needs per for each percent of resistance. ... Continue browsing in r/hoi4. Possibly. Simply put your garrison units on each port, maybe 1-2 on the adjacent tiles for important ports. If you want to simply garrison areas away from the front line, the AI doesn't prioritize by unrest levels - it still prioritizes by VPs and often adds places divisions where they are not needed, such as 1 VP provincial capitals that don't generate unrest. Hearts of Iron IV is an epic historical simulator that allows you to experience the Second World War as any country, and perhaps, change history. In the event that Parliament rejects our voice, we must prepare for its elimination. r/hoi4. For the most part, Diplomacy in HoI4 is bilateral, meaning all relations, offers and requests are done one to one, between the player and the target country or between two AI countries. Welcome to the latest in a series of posts looking at minor countries in the game Hearts of Iron IV by Paradox Entertainment. Watch the whole series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-azHLkqdWyO-AU2fpuLyc-9u4ANf4mih Support me on Patreon! The higher the resistance level, the higher the suppression requirement. Make sure Nationalist Spain wins the civil war.-Once you have France/Denmark, you have two options. Carlist Spain focus tree improved 1 "We have ample funds remaining after our electoral campaign. -The AI is terrible at naval invasions, don't worry about needing to hold the sea tiles near your west coast. While Spain was not a terribly threatening combatant by itself, it happened to have some very interesting coast lines and borders. If a puppet master declares war, they can call in their puppets as allies.

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