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Alex Brandon / AP file Monrovia – Moments following the certification of Libtelco, the government’s telecommunications company, to operate like any other Mobile Network Operators in the country, the Chairman of the House of Representatives’ Judiciary Committee, Cllr. When the Senate convened in January 2001 17 days before President George W. Bush was inaugurated, there was a 50–50 split between Democrats and Republicans with Vice President Al Gore as a tiebreaking vote. Republicans accused the companies of censoring conservative voices while Democrats complained about a continued surge of hate and … Sen. Chuck Grassley | Mark Wilson/Getty Images. Comments Henry Rodgers Senior Congressional Correspondent. The United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary, informally the Senate Judiciary Committee, is a standing committee of 22 U.S. senators whose role is to oversee the Department of Justice (DOJ), consider executive and judicial nominations, and review pending legislation. The committee considers presidential nominations for positions in the DOJ, the Office of National Drug Control Policy, the State Justice Institute, and certain positions in the Department of Commerce and DHS. The Democratic congressman's criticism came shortly after Trump announced the culmination of Flynn's protracted federal case on Twitter. in the next Congress. In a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing that lasted more than four hours, the lawmakers forced Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Jack Dorsey of Twitter to defend their companies’ efforts to limit the spread of false information about voting and the election results. ... “The presidential election remains close in multiple states, and as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, all credible allegations of voting irregularities and misconduct will be taken seriously,” the South Carolina Republican added. “After serving as the lead Democrat on the Judiciary Committee for four years, I will not seek the chairmanship or ranking member position in the next Congress,” Feinstein said in a statement. Democrats had fiercely opposed Barrett’s nomination to replace the late liberal icon Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Amy Coney Barrett To Meet With Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, Senators In Capitol Before Confirmation Hearings. Graham responded “absolutely.”, “Love Chuck Grassley. Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham (S.C.) was appointed to be chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.“I’m honored to be selected as Chairman of @senjudiciary,” he said on Twitter. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) announced Monday evening that she will be stepping down from her role as leading Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee. It also has oversight of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). In an interview Thursday, Graham said Grassley asked to come back after his tenure on the Senate Finance Committee. Its broad legislative jurisdiction has assured its primary role as a forum for the public discussion of social and constitutional issues. Washington—Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today led all 10 Judiciary Committee Democrats in calling on Chairman Lindsey Graham to delay the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett after President Trump and committee members Senators Mike Lee and Thom Tillis tested positive for the coronavirus. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) plans to hand the chairmanship of the Senate Judiciary Committee back to Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa.) Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham made this statement after the committee voted unanimously to advance Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to be an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court of the United States. [1][2], The Judiciary Committee's oversight of the DOJ includes all of the agencies under the DOJ's jurisdiction, such as the FBI. Feinstein, 87, is the ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee and was in line to become its first female chair if Democrats take control of the Senate. Chairman Graham Leads Day 3 of the Hearing for the Nomination of the Honorable Amy Coney Barrett to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Nadler took control of the gavel in January 2019, just after Democrats secured majority representation in the 2018 midterm election. That’s the way the Senate works,” Graham said. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler condemned Donald Trump's decision to pardon Michael Flynn, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant general and the sitting president's former national security adviser, on Wednesday afternoon. “Jerry Nadler is a staunch defender of civil rights and civil liberties in America, and a passionate advocate for these issues in Congress.” -- Representative John Lewis (D-GA), Civil Rights leader For over 30 years, in both the House and in the New York State Assembly, Congressman Nadler has proudly been on the front lines in the fight for civil rights, and has been a relentless defender of our country’s fundamental promise of equality for all. Senate Judiciary Committee ranking member Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., speaks during a hearing in Washington on March 6, 2019. Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee 2015–2019 Succeeded by Lindsey Graham: Preceded by Dianne Feinstein: Chair of the Senate Narcotics Caucus 2015–2019 Succeeded by John Cornyn: Preceded by Orrin Hatch: Chair of the Senate Finance Committee 2019–present Incumbent: Preceded by Richard Neal: Chair of the Joint Taxation Committee 2020–present Political offices Preceded by … Senate Judiciary Committee; Standing committee; Active United States Senate 116th Congress: History; Formed: December 10, 1816: Leadership; Chair: Lindsey Graham Since January 3, 2019: Ranking member: Dianne Feinstein Since January 3, 2017: Structure; Seats: 22 members: Political parties: Majority (12) Source: 2015 Congressional Record, Vol. [1][3], Established in 1816 as one of the original standing committees in the United States Senate, the Senate Committee on the Judiciary is one of the oldest and most influential committees in Congress. [1] The Standing Rules of the Senate confer jurisdiction to the Senate Judiciary Committee in certain areas, such as considering proposed constitutional amendments and legislation related to federal criminal law, human rights law, immigration, intellectual property, antitrust law, and internet privacy. Grassley has more seniority on the Judiciary Committee than Graham. “After serving as the lead Democrat on the Judiciary Committee for four years, I will not seek the chairmanship or ranking member position in the next Congress,” Feinstein announced. On January 2, 2018, Al Franken, who had been a member of the committee, resigned from the Senate following accusations of sexual misconduct. The most recent backlash came after Feinstein closed out the proceedings with an embrace for Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., publicly thanking the chairman for a job well done. Senate Republicans allow their members to chair a committee for six years in total, regularly leading to rounds of musical chairs as senators face committee term limits. Committee Chair. 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Now, the full Senate must vote on her nomination. It’s OK to be pro-life. As a Judiciary Committee chairman, Biden helped to lay much of the groundwork for this sorry state of affairs. September 28, 2020 3:35 PM ET. The committee is also responsible for oversight of key activities of the executive branch, and is responsible for the initial stages of the confirmation process of all judicial nominations for the federal judiciary.[4]. in the next Congress. It is a process.” Sen. Lindsey Graham. Chairman: Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI); Ranking member: John Conyers (D-MI) The Antitrust … Individuals needing special accomodations to participate in a committee meeting may contact my Committee Clerk to request the necessary assistance. Judiciary Committee members who do show up would be forced to either delay the vote or break the panel’s rules requiring members of the opposite party to be present to conduct business. 161, Page S66. First, Graham will remain Judiciary chairman through 2020; the change will take place at the end of that year. In his opening statement, Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Lindsey Graham (R-SC) talks about the timing of the confirmation hearing for Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

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