ragnarok classic sniper build

When friendship strengthens, so does their power. So you’ve blasted through Archer and Hunter and have made it to Sniper. Most of the time this build has 90 base dex, which at job 70 becomes 90+60 with nimble gloves. +10 Gym Pass. Man I like this build as well especially when Dragon Vest and Dragon Manteau are hard to find and you're in an Abbey PT. 99 Dex and 99 Int is the basic build for a Trapper Hunter which deals the maximum damage output among all Hunter Trappers. In a Sniper’s hands, the bow is a deadly instrument capable of dealing massive damage and carnage. Various builds for Sniper such as 190 ASPD, SharpShoot Build an other from the gaming Ragnarok Online. 30 Str, yes, 30 strength. However, remember that Trap skills and Falcon skills may be used while your shield is on. But sometimes you don’t need MAXIMUM damage, especially on fast-paced battles like PVP or 7v7 where the enemy is front of you. Because of their avaibility in WoE, PvP, and MvP. To their gross disappointment, the enemy simply breaks free of the ankle snare and destroys them. With this … This page was last modified on 17 December 2013, at 16:44. If you are leveling with a mobber or priest, and you become a target of the mob somehow, it is always good to keep a racial guard with you to protect you from a quick and painful death. Four of the six months have been dedicated to playing the Sniper class exclusively. Rangers are masters of bows and accompanied by their loyal Warg (Wolf). This means when you have your guard on, you cannot make an attack with your bow because it is automatically unequipped. If you get all this items and stats you will be able to kill anything. Str 11 Agi 95 Vit 21 Int 30 Dex 61 Luk 60 Yes, I know.You think it’s like hybrid hunter build. - posted in Archer Class: I've never made a character like this so I would like multiple opinions on it. Remember, Bows are two handed weapons. In classic server I was able to reach 190 aspd with buffs, foods, and equips i think my key equips was athletic buffalo horns (the accessory matching thorny buckler) and flapping/moving angel wings the one with +aspd. Thanks to the additional stat points awarded to Trans Class characters, and the Sniper skill Falcon Eyes, getting 50-60 vit does not horribly gimp the sniper's attack strength or attack speed. You can get 190 aspd fairly easy with Two Linen's Gloves. Since 150 dex is the minimum recommended DEX allowed for a PVP sniper (instant casting Arrow Repel and Falcon Assault is very important), snipers with this build get the minimum base DEX needed to achieve 150 with buffs. Should I use the archer set or aim for better gears? Friday, March 11, 2016. The skill only works when fired at a 90 or 45 degree angle, and that may not always be possible in WoE. This is a guide mostly based from the Hunter/Sniper class, so DON’T expect me to explain the basics of an Archer and their skills. Blacksmiths can use hammerfall if you're too close. I couldn't get The Paper Card as it was very expensive but that would be a very very awesome alternative card which you should get if you can. This build does not utilize traps except for Ankle Snare and maybe Sandman or Freezing Trap. Even though Priest’s Skill Complexity is really high, it’s STAT Complexity isn’t that difficult to understand. These gears allows Snipers to be better than before! Dex 70 > Int 30 > Dex 90 > Int 90 > Vit > Str. This Sniper Guide forms part of the comprehensive ADL build guide that covers everything you need to know for progressing through the Archer job tree. They gained a new skill called Falcon Assaultwith the help of his lifelong friend, the falcon. Usually an ordinary sniper would use a bow but Pure Falconer's can use a dagger[slots]/guard[1] combo. There is no better way to describe the Sniper. Basically I used all the cards used for the Archer Set cards. Alokasi Status (Lv 90) Status yang ideal untuk awal permainan adalah DEX dan AGI. The DPS (damage per second) aka ADL (Agi/Dex/Luk) Build or AD (Agi/Dex). Role in WoE 1. [C] AMzo's guide to FAS WoE sniper - posted in Archer Class: AMzos guide to FAS WoE sniper ; I see so many people trying to use FAS/SS but with wrong items/builds etc. Basic build, this class can be used to hunt (PvM), MvP and PvP. They also have skills that amplify their bow mastery, as well as piercing arrow skills. This build can adapt to any situations like farming, grinding, boss hunting, etc. Ive decided to write a small guide on FAS. Snipers r the best farmers becuz of dps they do and cheapest to gear.And today i'm goin to do a sniper guide containing the following things: 1.Build 2.Equips. ADL Archer. Both are about spamming skills, but while Soul Breaker is a single target strong skill, the Meteor Assault affects all monsters around you, but is way weaker. I think there's other build I explained fairly well here: Ragnarok Online Assassin Cross 99/70 Sonic Blow PVM Build, Ragnarok Online Stalker Reflect Guide 99/70 MVP Build, Ragnarok Online Lord Knight PVM Bowling Bash Build 99/70, Ragnarok Online Champion Asura Strike PVM Build, Ragnarok Assassin Cross 100 Perfect Dodge Build, Ragnarok Online Guide High Wizard / Warlock PVP WOE / PVP Build, Ragnarok Online Guide Card List and Effects by RARERO.NET, Best Build For One Shotting Cornus/Tatachos/Hillsrion. Also, what build is best? 4.Find and talk to a job NPC suited to your 2nd class. This is especially important to Snipers that level with a mobbing partner who usually gathers mobs for the Sniper to kill with Focused Arrow Strike. Builds DEX/AGI (Power House) STR: 1; AGI: 90+ (base) VIT: 20+ (base) INT: 9; DEX: 99 (base) LUK: 1; The theme of this build is to shoot arrows fast with a high damage output. - posted in Archer Class: I was maining my paladin just before Renewal hit then RGs got nerfed to the ground. When friendship strengthens, so does their power. I usually main 190 ASPD Crit Build but before this I used double strafing with not properly utilized build. Unlike with previous jobs, you’ll be spending a considerable amount of time as a Sniper. Thankfully, you can cast this still on your allies and use them to aim on opposing guilds to keep you away from harm. 3 Luk = 1% chance to auto blitz. Many snipers who have successfully Ankle-snared 'close range' opponents foolishly stand a few tiles (3-5) beside them. If it is don't bother with Drosera and just put Cruiser and ET AL. Hybrid Build. Also with this built you don't need to find cards but certainly need an alternative character such as a High Priest for Asperio(Holy) or a Sage for Endowing the weapon in various elements. Hunter Skill Build. Sniper's is known by one of the faster Dealing damage per second [Double Strafe] but not at all jobs can kill just by DPS or Damage per Second, so thats why here are the other techniques or strategy that i will share to you guys. The guide will be around just 1 uncommon build: the Beast Strafer. This build is mostly PvP/WoE based and its rather difficult to level up, but you can guarantee it can kill ALL other types of snipers if used correctly. Str for carrying more arrows. One shot, one kill! Hi, my name's General Frost and this is my first attempt at writing a guide on TalonRO. I'm still an archer … (Tho I'm not sure about this one, maybe you just need +3 AGI food but I have not much time in experimenting with it so be my guest to experiment on this!). A sample build would be (Totals, with gears and buffs): STR 1. Hello! Hunter gear suggestions can be found Here. – Ds damage lower than Ds build but not ugly. [Classic] MVP Hunter Build + Gears? It is also always important to consider the use of DEX adding headgear while using The Sign Accessory for an extra boost in damage. Twohand Lord Knights may look pretty sad when caught in an ankle snare, but they have Traumatic blow which can hit you up to 5 tiles away! You can use a build that’s easy for leveling like a powerhouse sniper that focuses on AGI/DEX, you could go with a trapper sniper that focuses more on traps, or you … Don’t worry, Archers tend to be one of the easiest … I do have prior Ragnarok experience from the official server; however, I forgot most … – Sorry for MVP hunter. In a Sniper’s hands, the bow is a deadly instrument capable of dealing massive damage and carnage. Archer Skill Build. DEX 140~160 (base 99) LUK 1.

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