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Tropical Sno is great for the Arizona market, and a great alternative and addition to my existing ice cream store. Quick Franchise Summary. Investment requirements vary depending on which of these three franchise options you choose, ranging from a $51,000 initial investment to around $186,000. The company offers three franchising options: a cart you can tow, a food truck, or a Wanna Chill? The company looks for impassioned self-starters who are keen to contribute to the success of Amorino. Many of these kits include everything from the commercial shaved ice machine to the flavor syrups to go along with … "Small Business Trends" is a registered trademark. Don’t Start a Shaved Ice Franchise, Own Your Own Business. Start your own business with Tropical Sno. They ask all during the off season when we will be opening for the next season. We have many great memories and stories. Another shaved ice business franchise is Kona Ice. Tikiz Shaved Ice and Ice Cream has a franchise fee of up to $15,000, with a total initial investment range of $132,000 to $144,000. Making the final payment on our business loan was an incredible feeling. My favorite part of the business is the customer interaction with such a fun product. In 2015, there were 594 Kona Ice franchises in America and the number has continued to grow since then. I immediately knew there was opportunity in Phoenix, AZ. Consumers know that our brand represents consistent product quality and outstanding service. Tropical Sno is also a profitable product which helps drive the bottom line of my business. Surprising Way One Company Managed Home Health Care During Covid, Charcoal Ice Cream Shows How Unique Products Can Garner Social Media Buzz. Don't wait for business to come to you, the Tikiz Shaved Ice & Ice Cream truck lets you go where the crowds are. Shaved Ice: Franchise Information from - Page 1. menu. I'm the proud owner of the original "hut." Everything we sell must be quality or we won't sell it. If it’s 520px x 370px, you can now upload it here. Hokulia is one of the nation’s premier shaved ice and tropical dessert franchises. Depending on where you open a Papalani Gelato business, the costs can range from $152,475 to $478,550. Our mission is to bring you "Small business success... delivered daily.". When you count the shaved ice truck and the initial inventory pack that you'll need to get up and running, the … Bahama Buck’s offers opportunities to run a shaved ice and tropical dessert shop for entrepreneurs wanting to surround themselves with fresh ingredients and innovative products. Tropical Sno is dedicated to helping each and every one of our dealers find success and achieve their business goals. When done, hit “apply.”. All rights reserved. In a franchise, you will pay a franchise fee just to get into the business, you will … We knew the Tropical Sno product was a hit at the location we worked at in Kansas City. For example, Kona Ice charges franchisees a franchise fee of $15,000. He started with one ice shaver and the hope of a college job that … Are you interested in running a business that you can enjoy as a family? ... Tikiz Shaved Ice & Ice Cream $132 K - $144 K. Wanna Chill? Last year after my Mom was diagnosed with cancer and dementia, I decided to live life my way. Starting Your Shave Ice Shop Business from Scratch vs Buying a Franchise. We are here to help you every step of the way. We help you be in the shaved ice business for yourself but not by yourself. I built a new, larger stand in 2015 to accommodate the demand! We are committed to selling only the finest products: from our amazing flavors to our machines and accessories. Looking to buy a shaved ice franchise? It has been a pleasure to work with the staff and we look forward to many more years as a Tropical Sno dealer. The flavors are top quality, true to life fruit flavors. Tropical Sno provides an amazing opportunity for everyday people to take control of their employment and become their own boss. Such a fun product to serve, customers immediately turn happy, and its rewarding to see! The initial cost for a Bahama Buck’s franchise ranges from $233,326 to $770,532.eval(ez_write_tag([[320,50],'smallbiztrends_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_14',146,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[320,50],'smallbiztrends_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_15',146,'0','1'])); If you fancy putting your flipflops on and working at the beach each day, then why not open a Hokulia Shave Ice store in a sunny location. $51 K - $186 K. Waikomo Shave Ice $38 K - $123 K. Kona Ice is a mobile, Hawaiian-style shaved ice truck franchise based in Florence, Kentucky. I've been a part of two different blind taste tests where Tropical Sno consistently ranked higher than competing companies. Founded in 2009 by a Hawaii-vacationing couple determined to bring one of the most unique island treats back to the mainland, Hokulia Shave Ice has grown into an American sensation and an explosive … Thank you Tropical Sno for supporting my dream. Kona Ice is another shaved ice opportunity in the U.S., with more than 800 shaved ice truck franchises across the country. eval(ez_write_tag([[320,50],'smallbiztrends_com-box-4','ezslot_8',157,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[320,50],'smallbiztrends_com-box-4','ezslot_9',157,'0','1']));Amorino provides Italian gelato available in a whole host of flavors, with customers being able to create their own Amorino rose gelato. Snowie does not sell a franchise, but rather, an optimal shaved ice business opportunity. Another shaved ice truck franchise, Tikiz, has been offering opportunities for entrepreneurs to start their own businesses since 2012. eval(ez_write_tag([[320,50],'smallbiztrends_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_6',155,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[320,50],'smallbiztrends_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_7',155,'0','1']));Starting from a humble porch in Philly Rita’s Italian Ice went on to become an international phenomenon with more than 600 locations across the U.S. and around the world. Tropical Sno is an internationally recognized brand with an outstanding reputation. It is a great business for me to manage and still stay home with my children. It's a beautiful thing. Life is short. store. Papalani Gelato serves gelato, frozen yoghurt, sorbetto and many more iced goodies across the U.S. I am looking to potentially open a second location in 2018 in SE Kansas. Now, our business is allowing us to successfully work toward being debt free. Buy a Hatsuyuki HC-8E Cube Ice Shaver at our Special Low Price and receive enough FREE Sno Biz® Shave Ice Flavor to pay back … I became involved in the Tropical Sno business because I had a friend in college that worked at a Tropical Sno in Kansas. Bahama Buck’s Original Shaved Ice Franchise … Looking back, we are so thankful we took a leap of faith! Is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Working? Details about franchise costs are available upon application. Our customers come from miles around to visit us. Instantly, I was hooked and was amazed by quality of the product. Of course you could always choose from a number of other franchises besides Rita’s when seeking a successful gelato or shaved ice opportunity with an established brand. Are you looking for an opportunity to supplement your current income? Cost of goods is typically 15-25% depending on the retail selling price. No matter sun, rain, snow or ice opening day in mid April, it is a major event in our small town and our loyal customers are there to get their ‘fix’. Feel free to contact us anytime. Everyday I fly my pirate flag to remind me of the freedom I now have with Tropical Sno, and I fly the American flag to remind all who walk up to our shack: Someone died for their freedom. Franchise owners have the support of a network of owners and the excitement of connecting to their local community by delivering fun, bold flavors in our unique shaved ice. A Shaved Ice Business Opportunity Snowie does not sell a franchise, but rather, an optimal shaved ice business opportunity. Throughout high school, I became very good friends with the owner of the Tropical Sno "shack" as we called it. It has been great for my family & our community. On average, Kona Ice … Our team is dedicated to providing the training & support you need to be successful. The company was founded by Tony Lamb in 2007. You can make this business … We embrace the rich history of shave ice, premium ice cream, and smoothies inspired by the Hawaiian Islands.Each time you create … Bahama Buck’s says its franchising system is a proven ‘Plan to Win’, with support given by a team of professionals with experience in developing people and products. When finished editing, hit the “save” icon (it looks like a floppy disk), rename the image if you want and then “Save to my computer” to save the image. We have oceans of fun at Hokulia Shave Ice! We later decided to move to Southern California, and the challenge was setting it in a new market and understanding all the new laws. Note: You must have flash installed to use this site. Kona Ice businesses provide flavored shaved ice, ice cream, and related products to the general public in a mobile environment, which includes the franchisor’s proprietary Kona Ice truck, known as the … It was named one of the … I only have one year under my belt, but I hope to be a part … An investment of $110,750, includes a franchise fee, inventory pack and truck. She was my Inspiration. In 2002, my husband & I purchased the business. This product is the best out there from the shaved ice to the unmatched flavors. Rita’s Italian Ice is a frozen treat chain that is based in Trevose, Pennsylvania. I only have one year under my belt, but I hope to be a part of this business for years to come. Let us help you realize your dreams and have fun while doing it. Many of them are now bringing their children for shaved ice. Owning a Pelican’s SnoBalls stand can be a rewarding opportunity! This website will provide all the details you could possibly need to hopefully leave you so impressed that … The company seeks a strong, personal commitment and an active involvement in opening the business in order to become a Kona Ice truck franchisee. I enjoy the money making aspect of course; but the no franchise fees and high quality product and service make this a great opportunity. Join the fastest growing franchise on four wheels and be part of an industry with 80-90% … We have so many loyal customers. Upload a picture that has at least 520px width and 370px height and then hit continue (it’s ok if it’s bigger on one or both measurements). I was able to successfully buy it, and I now own the best-tasting and most successful shaved ice stand around. Look no further than the biggest brand in the mobile dessert industry, Kona Ice. Use the “Open” button at the top of the page to load a picture from your computer. Our franchise is quickly growing with over 180 locations across the country. Gelato and ice cream franchises have experienced massive growth over past five years leading up to 2017, according to one published report. The company seeks a strong, personal commitment and an active involvement in opening the business in order to become a Kona Ice truck franchisee. If you have questions, there are dealer relationship managers that will help get you started. We had a unique start to our Tropical Sno journey in the sense that we didn't seek out a business; Shave ice found us. 1-800-Shaved-Ice does not sell franchises, nor do we require … Franchise Facts How much does a Tikiz Shaved Ice and Ice Cream franchise cost? I have worked for a major Cell phone company for years in management. Many of these young workers are like family to me. With the support of the staff at Tropical Sno, it was easy to successfully launch our business and we are so happy we did it! My husband and I were searching for the perfect income supplement for our family to save for future college and extras. This popular Italian ice brand offers franchise opportunities the company describes as simple, flexible and providing excellent profit margins. Any hard-working person can easily open a successful shaved ice and snow cone operation without franchising. I have wanted to own a stand since I was 12 years old, just like our local Sno cone lady Mrs. Wall. We license you to use the Tropical Sno name and logo and you agree to use the Tropical Sno products exclusively. My favorite part of the business is the interaction with customers and neighbors over a fun, quality treat is always enjoyable. Required fields are marked *, Founded in 2003, Small Business Trends is an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with them. The reasons for becoming a Tropical Sno Dealer are numerous, but whatever the reason, Tropical Sno will assist you every step of the way. The shaved ice allows for the delicious flavoring to really soak in and give it the best consistency around. Our number one concern as we embarked on our Tropical Sno journey was the financial commitment. The company doesn’t charge franchise fees and as the products are non-dairy, there are no health department issues. We will never charge fees, royalties, or blue sky. With a tropical theme, franchises boast a business environment without the typical stiff corporate feel. Franchisees need to make an initial investment of $81,500 to $133,500 covering start-up costs, equipment, inventory, payroll and ongoing support. For an investment ranging from $192,670 to $368,070, entrepreneurs with enthusiasm to sell shaved ice can grab themselves an Ohana Bros franchise business. An established gelateria brand throughout America, Gelato Go, offers franchising opportunities for proactive and determined entrepreneurs looking for a share of the profitable gelato market. We were customers for several years. Working alongside your best friend is awesome! It gave my son a summer job that helped with college expenses. I traded my old life in for "a whole 'nother world" me a pirate flag and became an island girl! The company offers franchise opportunities in the U.S., encouraging people to start their own fun and rewarding business. Authentic Hawaiian is not just a tag-line, it is a way of life at Hokulia. Lamb is Kona Ice's CEO. This awesome brand has been a summer favorite in my town for over 20 years. SHAVED ICE TRUCK Welcome to Own A Kona: the information site for franchising with Kona Ice. Inspired by the world travels of the Ohano Bros Surfer Dudes, Ohano Bros stores specialize in Hawaiian shave ice and a variety of other products. My favorite part of the business is the overall flexibility and ability to develop the business my way and always offering a high quality Tropical Sno product.

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